My kite that I made is a simple diamond kite. I would put a picture here of what it looks like, but I'd rather not be laughed at. :) After one really ugly kite, and many trials and tribulations, I finally succeeded in making a kite that flies.... sort of.... The following are the specs of my kite.

This kite is made with a bowed spar for a stronger construction, or so I am told. I painted a dragon along with some orange and yellow flowers. A blue ribbon for a tail completes my kite. A string is attached to the ends of each tip to create a frame for the kite. Tissue paper is used for the sail and cotton string and some glue keep my kite from falling apart.

My father helped me in the construction of this kite because he knows how to make kites from his youth. (I think it's a bonding thing...)

  • Wooden doweling
  • Tissue paper
  • Cotton string
  • Specs:
  • Width - 68cm
  • Height - 70cm
  • Tail - 216 cm