Due dates

pages due:
Sunday, April 13, 2008
Submission Info
theme none
restrictions PG-13. (description of pg-13: one | two) One-shot stories (no to-be-continued's). Fan-work should be parody, though I'm not going to go all nazi about it. Just don't get me sued.
pages no real page limit but talk to jen if you're going over 20 pgs.
pinups a max of 2. incl. name/email/url on pinup
print specs black and white, tone is okay, but make sure you scan and send it at 100%!!! very important!!
page size Live Area: 4x7" Margins: 0.25" Bleed: 5.25x8.25" Trim: 5x8" | download template: .ai (zipped, 162 kb) explanation of terms here (at the end of page sizes)
bio area full page this year! - write a message, a doodle, whatever. this will immediately follow your story.
format 300 dpi, high-quality JPG's, tiffs, or psd's
Page template
Making your life easier, (maybe), I present to thee a page template in PSD (zipped, 31 kb)
Final submission checklist
printed and proofed pages
pages saved as 300dpi (jpg/tiff/psd)
bio is done
tshirt size to Jen

When you're ready, zip and email to tofublock AT gmail DAWT com

I can has comics?

I know, I'm bleedingly late with buggin you all. It's bad - but it's tOFU's 10th anniversary as well as being the last one. Yep, that's right, I'm retiring tOFU - it's been a really great ride! However, I'd like to get as many contributors as I can for one last huzzah. Specs are down the left, and are the same as in years past. However, bio's are one page now that will follow your story. Illo's get one too. This is so that you can say whatever you'd like for the last tOFU - as much or as little as you'd like.

When you submit your comic, please let me know what size tshirt you wear. I'll be getting some made to commemorate anno 10. If you don't want one, just indicate that too.

Thanks so much guys, and lemme get sappy for a moment - for all the great stories and illos and just being able to have 10 years' worth of material - well, that makes it pretty damn special, I think.

<3 Jen

Who's in for this year? We're looking for comics and/or illustrations. If you're up to it, send me some email lurve: tofublock at that gmail.com thing.

You'll get a copy of tOFU for yourself, two depending on costs and if I am able to attend enough cons to mitigate costs. Anyone want to take up sales duty somewhere? Anywhere?