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Street Date and Estimated Retail Price:
March 22, 2003 in Canada ($149.95)
March 23, 2003 in U.S. ($99.95)
February 14, 2003 in Japan (12,500 yen)
March 28, 2003 in Europe (129.99 euros)
March 28, 2003 in Australia (AU$199.99)

Size: Approximate Height (closed) 3.33” / Width 3.23” / Depth 0.96”

CPU: 32-bit RISC-CPU with embedded memory

Screen: 2.9” Reflective TFT Colour LCD

Light Source: Front lights have been integrated with existing reflective LCD

Display Size: 1.61” x 2.41” (identical to Game Boy Advance)

Resolution: 240 x 160 pixels (identical to Game Boy Advance)

Colour: Simultaneously displays more than 32,000 colours (identical to Game Boy Advance)

Weight: Approximately 5 ounces

Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

Battery Life: 10 hours continuous play with three hour recharging 18 hours continuous play with light function disabled

Hardware Colour: Platinum and Cobalt (metallic)

Software: More than 300 Game Boy Advance software titles, in addition to virtually all titles available for Game Boy and Game Boy Colour.

Peripheral Devices: e-Reader™, Game Boy Advance Game LinkÒ cable, Nintendo (Sold Separately) GameCube™ Game BoyÒ Advance cable, Game Boy Advance SP headphone jack adapter

Additional Facts: · The unit also can connect to the Nintendo GameCube™ console via the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable. Games compatible with this cable can offer a variety of ground-breaking features from exchanging data or unlocking new game levels to allowing the Game Boy Advance to be used as a supplemental game screen or input device.

:: gamedata :: GBA SP specs
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